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Seasonal Trainings on Hip-Hop Dance & Choreographic Creation  |  Pôle Pik/PRAHK 

Trainings at Pôle Pik are now opened for application ! 

The training programme initiated by the PRAHK and the Pôle Pik offers an opportunity for dancers to advance their level in Hip-Hop dance and in choreography at a professional dance institute and it offers an exclusive chance to study and recreate Käfig Company’s well-known performance « Récital ». This programme might be of interest of both instructors and students of dance school.


PRAHK, the only legitime project coordinator of the training programme, will be in charge of the logistics and accomodation arrangement in France. We also organize visits to the city of Lyon for the participants.



For any enquiries, further information concerning the cost of the training programme

or application, please contact Ms. Moni Chong, Project Officer of PRAHK, on

(+852) 9344 1617 or at contact@prahk.com.






The training programme designed by the Pôle Pik Choreographic Centre and supported by le Pavillon Rouge des Arts offers a one-month practical and comprehensive training for professional dancers to learn the work of choreography: How to realize a choreographic project? How to put the concept of a project into practice? What are the steps behind this creative process? What methodology to adopt?


This training programme is designed to equip students with the necessary skills for artistic creation, from finding inspiration, investigating, making and composing movement to the final step of performing for the audience. Through different themed workshops, students will go through all phases of the creation of a dance performance, from technical to artistic parts.


During the training, participants will get familiar with all the different urban dance styles in order to be able to mix genres in an original creation. They will also work on « Récital » , one of the iconic spectacles of Käfig Company created in 1998, to have a close and realistic look of a choreographic creation.


This programme offers a unique opportunity for participants to interact with different choreographic cultures taking reference from a repertoire performance.




The training programme will be led by Kader Belmoktar, Assistant of the well-known choregrapher Mourad Merzouki and Dancer of « Récital » . Advice and technical demonstrations will be given to the participants throughout the training in order to help them stage a professional performance by the end of the training. A full scale performance will be held in front of the public audience in the premises of Pôle Pik.


The program consists of 20 days of training for a group of 15 persons. It includes 100 hours of courses over 4 weeks (5 hours per day). The training will be divided into two major stages:


  Stage 1: Introduction to fundamental Hip-Hop dance techniques and overall dance development (50 hours)

  • Review the overall level of students

  • Identify the needs of individual participant

  • Study the basics of different styles of Hip-hop dance

  • Work on the development of dance, including the elements of composition, space, shape, timing, dynamics, solo versus group work and form and structure, contact, energy changes etc.


  Stage 2: Choreographic creation and the remaking of « Récital » (50 hours)

  • Discover the main techniques used in dance composition

  • Individual and collective choreographic creation

  • Work on scenography and lighting

  • Study and recreate the classical performance « Récital » 

  • Public performance


By the end of the trainings, all the participants will receive a certificate issued by the Pôle Pik




  • Aged over 16 years old

  • At least 2 years of dancing experience

  • Prior knowledge of English




Pôle Pik is subsidized by the Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs of Rhône-Alpes – Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Region Rhône-Alpes, the city of Bron and l'ACSE (National Agency for the Social Cohesion and Equality of chance).