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As an artistic director, musician, composer, workshop instructor and project leader, Stéphane has been working actively in many international artistic organizations and companies specializing in different areas:  


  • Art: Beijing World Art Museum, Guangdong Museum of Arts, Wenlin Museum (Kunming)

  • Dance: Compagnie Käfig, Beijing Dance Theatre, Ballet Royal du      Cambodge ;

  • Music: Opéra National de Lyon, Editions Musicales Lugdivine ;

  • Theatre: Théâtre des Asphodèles, Eolo ;

  • Audio Visual: La Caravane des 10 Mots, Contrepoint Production, Sherpa Production, Gerbilles Production ;

  • Festivals: Europe et Cie, Biennale de la Danse de Lyon, Festival Croisements (Chine), le French May (Hong Kong), La Nuit des Images - Musée de l’Elysée Lausanne (Suisse), La Fête des Lumières Lyon.


In 2012, Stéphane founded PRA in Lyon with a mission to promote cultural and artistic exchanges between China and France. In 2014, he set up PRAHK  to facilitate the work of PRA further in the Asian continent.


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T     (852) 6714 3084



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