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Film by Han Tao

The 6th edition of Biennale Hors Normes (BHN) presents an exhibition of Chinese artiste, Han Tao, at University Lyon 2.

  • Opening: 9 October at 18:30, University Lyon 2, in the presence of Han Tao

  • Exhibition at the University Lyon 2, Quai Claude Bernard

  • Film Screening at the University Lyon 2, Bron


Han Tao, multi-artist, was born in 1979 in Laiwu, Shandong Province (China). He currently lives and works between Jinan and Beijing. By choosing violence as the form, Han Tao has made a difficult choice often avoided by other artists. However, his works are not about pure violence, but something more. He tries to present through his works a sense of powerlessness in an authoritarian society.


No matter what political system and period they are, power and violence persist. The creations of Han Tao, such as painting, sculpture, video, film or writing, reflect the direct influence of political power on people. They also criticize the society who is responsible for problems including violence, taboos, exclusion, perversion, urbanization etc. which led to repeated sufferings.


"The softness of the line follows the contour of torture. A dense shadow, staggering, nourished by death.

Han Tao puts us in this confrontation with the intimate atrocity of the moment where 

the actor will no longer be a spectator of himself. This moment or time freezes and becomes silent.

He raises questions about the dark side in everyone. Death spreads and subtracted.

Trouble illimitable. The shadows of the suspended lives escape. "
- Guy Dallevet, artistic director of BHN




As a filmmaker in Shandong province, Han Tao founded the Civilian Film School in 2000 and the Civilian Film Studio in 2002. In early 2005, he created the Civilian Film Space at 798 Art Center (Beijing) and in October 2007, the Civilian Documents Film Center at Xiaopu New Art (Beijing). Han Tao is also a sculptor, performer and painter. Participating in exhibition and festivals in groups or alone, his works go beyond the border and are received in Asia (Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong etc.) and Europe (Austria, Belgium, France, Poland and Italy etc.) He is also the Chef Editor of magazine Wild Jujube Tree and the Visiting Scholar of New Art Magazine. 


In January 2013, Han Tao is invited to participate in the 55th Biennale de Venise. As a sculptor, he presents an installation about a Chinese cultural symbol: the tower. The work is a pagoda maintained by scaffolding, suspended in the air. The pagoda is horizontally hanging over the ground that is filled with flour. The pagoda is filled with insects which symbolize the desire to devour everything, just like our memory is gradually devoured by overconsumption .




2015 – « Missing » : Best price of Experimental film in Hambourg Film Festival 2015

             « Exhibition of Beijing independent films » Beijing Songzhuang

              « BHN » Lyon

2013 – 55th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia

             « Exhibition : 115 artistes with their self-portrait » Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art

             « Frist Exhibition of microblog » Songzhuang Art Muséum2012

             « Biology and Ecology » Exhibition of Contemporary Art China-Netherlands, Beijing Songzhuang

2012 – Sunjin Galleries, Singapore « Here they come »

2009 – Big Fog-Attended Shadows European Film Festival

2008 – Big Fog-The 32nd session international film festival of HongKong, HongKong

             Oriental Art Documents Exhibition, Beijing

2007 – Occupied space – Indonesia International Behaviour Art Festival

              Jakarta National Art Gallery

             Breathe-A grand contemporary artistic exhibition in Shandong, Jinan

             Special performance of Baobao in Peking University

             Events-Socila Specimens Invitation Exhibition of Contemporary Art(in preparation)Beijing, Shandong

2006 – Imprint – The Canvas Exhibition of Han Tao, JiNan Shandong

             Participated films in the Independent Film Week in Xiangshu, Xi’an

             Respiration Shandong Contemporary Art

             Exhibition (planned wieh Zhu Aiping) Shandong Museum

2006 – From East to West lmage Art Exhibition, Austria

             The 3rd Documentary Film Communication Week, Anhui procince, China

             Grey an Red Art Exhibition, Beijing798 New Art Projects.



Click here to view the CV of Han Tao