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Hoping to facilitate artistic exchanges and enrich local cultural life, PRAHK dedicates itself to educating the public on arts creation and performance. We also encourage language learning through drama. To cater for diverse needs, we offer workshops on a wide range of topics. And to ensure a successful outcome, we customize workshops to ensure that all your needs and expectations are met.






























Good oral communication skills are essential for learning, working and even social life. Being able to present and express confidently impresses your listeners. PRAHK offers a variety of drama workshops  which aim to develop participants’ confidence and improve their skills in expressing, performing and language learning. We stress the importance of active and interactive learning. Instead of sitting and listening, participants move their body and tongue, take part in various interactive exercises. Some workshops culminate in a small performance where participants showcase what they learnt in the workshops.


Suitable for both teachers and learners, some of our suggested themes for the workshops include:

  • Art of Storytelling;

  • Introduction to Commedia dell'arte ;

  • Improvisational Theatre ;

  • Learn English/French with Music ;

  • Oral Methodology: Express Yourself ;

  • Self-esteem & Self-confidence ;

  • Speaking without Words

  • The Power of Voice


Our workshops are designed to be flexible and responsive to your context and mission. The duration and content of each workshop are subject to change after consultation. We will work closely with you to custom design a module that will exactly address your specific needs and expectations.


Duration:               from 2 hours onwards
Size of Class:         10 - 20 persons

Language(s):         french/english

Fees:                       consult us

Modules:               consult us






Alliance Française de Chine, China

Alliance Française de Hong Kong

Alliance Française de Lyon, France

Alliance Française de Macao

Alliance Française de Pondichéry, India

Alliance Française de Taipei, Taiwan

Alliance Française du Val d’Aoste, Italy



Education Bureau, Hong Kong

The Association of Teachers of French in Hong Kong and Macau

The Association of French Teachers in Taiwan

Centre Culturel Français de Pékin, China

Français sans Frontières, Kunming, China

IESA, French Club Shanghai, China

National Academy of Chinese Theatre, Beijing, China












Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Lyon 

Université d’Avignon 


Westfluëgel de Leipzig


Peking University Shenyang

Conservatory of Music

Sichuan International Studies University


Hong Kong SAR
Chinese University of Hong Kong

City University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Baptist University

University of Hong Kong

Chiu Lat Sau Memorial Secondary School

Diocesan Boys School

French International School

HK Taoist Association Wun Tsuen School

HKMA David Li Kwok Po College

Kellet School

La Salle College

Marymount Secondary School

PLK Camoes Tan Siu Lin Primary School

Po Leung Kuk Ngan Po Ling College

South Island School

St Margaret’s Girls College

St Joseph's College

St Paul Convent School

World United College

Macao SAR

University of San José

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